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School Program

Youth Against Crime (YAC) Program at School

Crime Stoppers of Minnesota works with Senior High Schools to encourage reporting the occurrence of crime and damaging behaviors through the use of text messaging in the Youth Against Crime (YAC) program.

We make the communication method that is commonly used in schools – Text Messaging – available to selected high schools in a manner that appeals to the students and is effective for law enforcement.  We invite not just the reporting of crimes but of those behaviors damaging to teenagers that create victims such as bullying, sexting, harassment, rape, drugs, planning violence, abuse, gangs, and more. 

The program’s implementation is successful when the school’s SRO’s, students, and administration work collaboratively to build the program’s awareness and establish its presence within the school building, as part of its procedures and woven into its culture of safety and security.  High Schools can implement this program when their SRO’s agency has already proactively joined with Crime Stoppers of Minnesota in its Law Enforcement Partnership Program.  Contact your local Chief of Police or Sheriff's Office and ask them to contact Crime Stoppers of Minnesota to discuss this program.

Local Chiefs of Police or County Sheriffs can contact Crime Stoppers of Minnesota about implementing YAC at their local schools at or at the administrative phone number of 651-452-7463.




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